Friday, November 11, 2016

Planet Rehab's Hoedown 2016

Planet Rehab animal sanctuary celebrated it's fourth annual Hoedown on October 8th, 2016, and Gary Mitchell made it the best one yet. 

Planet Rehab in the Halloween spirit, courtesy of Carlo Rios.
Festive spirit was in the air, with people of all ages enjoying home-made chili and apple pie as Planet Rehab promotes sustainable lifestyle and healthy eating with a vegan apple pie and chili contest. Being vegetarian myself I really enjoyed some extra helpings of sweet, crisp apple pie and savory chili as I converse with people who are open-minded to pursuit of new ways of living to protect our home. 

Many forward-thinking volunteers showed up to help with the event, making caramel apples and setting up a face-painting booth for visitors to get into the autumn spirit. bright-eyed kids with painted faces explored Planet Rehab's enclosures and learned about the many unique species living on our planet.

Angelina Baez
Hearing of our event some fantastic musical artists volunteered to perform, including Angelina Baez of America's Got Talent with her honey-sweet voice singing a strong country melody. Caris getting down with some country jams, and Surprise Anomaly from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory showing us how to really hoedown. Even Gary Mitchell, Planet Rehab's founder, joined the performers with his own vocal talent. 

Surprise Anomaly

The fourth annual hoedown was a great success, people left in good spirits, more aware of what they could do to help our planet.  


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